About us

Having experience of 15+ years in furniture field, The Journey Began to show the world, The traditional quality furniture whose designs have been refined from ages under the skilled artisans of india from generation to generation. The Touch, Detailing as well as love which is poured into a piece of wood makes it memorable & gives birth to a different art form. 

We have our Setup at Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India (The Hub of Indian Handicraft Industry). 

ClassicalTree is furniture one-stop shop that Wholesale, Retail & Serve Bespoke furniture Customer. 

Sustainability : ClassicalTree ensures sustainability to their entire process (in Regards to Raw Material, Labour, Working Condition, Etc)

Sourcing : We have Direct sourcing with certain Villages & Craftsmen (in India) who deal in this artform for generations. This Ensures the Quality & Craftsmanship is as good as possible. This exclusive setup deals specifically in bringing the art forms that have been created with keen eyes and expert hands of artisans who have trained in that art for generations.

India is a vast country with different art forms emanating from many regions. ClassicalTree uses of these skilled hands from all over India to create wholesome design and art work through the pieces that are manufactured and put together.

You will see a unique range of products at ClassicalTree . Not only does this design and production house cater to a number of themes and styles with the use of materials such as brass, wrought iron and wood, but they also brings you items of all shapes and sizes. You can easily shop for your home or commercial space right here.