Aesthetic Small Wooden Single Drawer Desk Organizer Desk Organizer
Aesthetic Small Wooden Single Drawer Desk Organizer Desk Organizer
Aesthetic Small Wooden Single Drawer Desk Organizer Desk Organizer

Aesthetic Small Wooden Single Drawer Desk Organizer


Normaler Preis$99.00
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  • Size (LxBxH) : 14 x 10 x 6.5
  • Ships in 15 Days
  • Material : Teak Wood
  • Assembly Required : No

With our stylish small wooden single drawer desk organizer, you can improve your workspace. This precisely crafted desk accessory offers a clutter-free way to store your essentials while combining style and functionality.

The one drawer provides useful storage, and the small size guarantees a smooth fit on any desk. With this classic wooden organizer, you can improve both your organization and appearance. Perfect for a minimalist aesthetic.

It gives your workspace a hint of refinement. Get a stylish and useful solution to organize your desk and boost productivity right now. Change the way you work every day by adding this thoughtfully designed desk accessory.

We take very Seriously the time it takes to reach at your doorstep. In this Fast moving Life, A Simple Second has a worth in money, Leave alone a Day. So, We at ClassicalTree Process the order as soon as we get Confirmation.

The Estimated Shipping time to your doorstep is based on two things, dispatch time (ClassicalTree ) & Courier company

Please also check in product page for specific dispatch (Ship) time.

Product Dispatch Time
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5 Days to 8 Days

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