Clean & Care

When you have a home, there are a number of things that come with keeping it appealing and habitable- you do not merely enjoy the space, but you also need to keep every corner clean so that diseases and odors can be prevented. While we sweep and mop the house and maybe even dust the corners every single day, there are a number of tasks that are usually weekly, monthly or even seasonal in nature. Cleaning wood furniture is one such task.

Most Indian households have wooden furniture and hence, an often asked question is: how to clean wood furniture? There are a number of ways to make your wood furniture cleaner. Let’s have a look at these:

  1. Start by dusting and cleaning the surface: Before you actually try any method of cleaning wood furniture by application of any home based products, you must first clean all the loose dirt and dust that might be lurking around on the furniture. If you are wondering how to clean furniture, then you need two sets of rags or sponges - one should be dry while the other should be damp, not wet. You can first start with the dry rag or sponge and wipe down your furniture so that any loose dust and grime can be wiped off. Otherwise, it will interfere with your cleaning process. Once this loose dust has been wiped off, you can apply the damp sponge to the surface and wipe down with more vigor so that you get rid of any dirt that may have stuck to the surface a little more stubbornly. Make sure that you squeeze and use the sponge so that excess water does not damage the quality and grain of the wood.
  1. Clean wood furniture with vinegar and olive oil: This step will teach you how to clean wood furniture with vinegar, like a pro! You need to get yourself some white vinegar which is easily available in the market. The next step is to take three tablespoons of this vinegar and mix it or dilute it with a cup of water. Then, soak a cloth and squeeze before you start wiping down. Do not miss any corner, and wipe down meticulously along the surface of the furniture. You may want to cover your upholstery with a sheet before you do so. You can also put this liquid in a spray bottle and apply to the furniture before you wipe down. Once this is done, you will need to wipe the furniture with a fresh towel dipped in plain water and then rub down with cotton dipped in olive oil, so that the gleaming texture of the wood comes to the fore.
  1. Use Baking Soda and Water: When you are looking for how to clean wood furniture home remedies, this is another mixture that can help. You can mix a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of water so that you have a thick paste that can be applied to the wood and then you can wipe this down with a damp sponge before you apply olive oil for the buffing and polishing process. This will also remove the paste if it is still stuck to any of the corners of your furniture.

All in all, there are many ways in which you can make your wood furniture cleaner. Remember to stay safe and protect your eyes and hands while you try the above methods- wear gloves and glasses before attempting them!